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There is a saying..

Grass is always green the other side…

It is so very true to its meaning. Always remember to be grateful for what you have right now, what your parents have done for you, what your siblings have done for you, what your dear ones have done for you.

Life is very different when you get into someone’s shoes. Easiest thing we can do is to blame others for various reasons. There is a gray area for sure when you look at someone’s life. Never ever comment or put down anyone for any reason for that matter. Everyone will be having their own battles to face in their life.

There are so many different dimensions in life, different perspectives in life which may seem unrealistic. None can live an ideal life or rather a perfect life. What is more important in this uncertain world is to help each other, lift each other, feel happy for each other.

Respect every small effort which others put for you. Value it the most. Show gratitude. Everything you do will come back to you for sure.

Every responsibility has its own advantages and disadvantages. Being a man of the house is not easy. Man is automatically expected to take on the responsibilities of home, work etc. You name it, he should handle it would be the expectation. Woman is also no less than a man. There are so many scenarios where woman need to be the man of the house.

Feel blessed to have loving parents who do so much for you without any expectations. Feel blessed to have great friends whom you can rely on at any stage of your life. Feel blessed to have caring siblings who stand for you in all the phases of life. Feel blessed to have the right life partner who travels with you in your entire journey of life.

Be Grateful.

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